Trading made simple by BigE-Part 1

Is that possible? Yes.
Years ago when I retired I was looking for something to do. I attended a free local presentation about trading FX. My mind said “We can do that and make money too. from the recliner”. so the torture began as happens to all newbies.
I bought one sure fire program for $2,300. saving $1,700 off the normal $4,000 price. Man. I’m on my way I thought. It was so difficult to understand and trade that I never made a dime. In fact I lost most of the time. When I called the company it was all Greek to me. I thought a lot of good that 19 years of education is doing.
I said this is BS and went on to other systems. I switched to Demo trading for several years while studying old charts. What made them tick? Every method had quite a few rules, indicators on & on.
I finally got fed up with them all. remembering the thoughts years before of “I can do this”. Then why was I getting my butt kicked on a regular basis. so frustrating.
I wanted a method that was simple, worked on all timeframes, simple rules, few indicators. that when looking at my simple chart it just shouted out what I needed to do and developed a method that is 70-80%+ wins for me on a regular basis. It took over 2 years to develop this method. I worked hard. late nights and weekends, too. I was so hungry for success.
I hate trading 5min-15min-30min charts. Why? You have to monitor each trade from beginning to end and hope and pray you made a correct entry. I only trade 1hr charts during the 1st 3 hours of the USA OPEN and 4hr trades at night. I check for set ups at 10pm Pacific (7am), 2am (11am) and close all 4 hour trades by 6am (3pm) Pacific. You ever woke in the morning popping on your pc and find you made 150 pips while you slept. guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.
I post a lot of training charts to drive it into your brains what to look for and how easy it can be.
Just open your eyes, brain and pay attention and you’ll be making pips soon.
You’ll learn down the road that most of the stuff you have learned in the past is crap. I did. The list of rules in most methods will keep most dizzy, never building confidence. without confidence in your entries and exits you have nothing worthwhile.
We have a group of great traders who have been trading this method for 6-8 months already who will help you jumping in to answer your questions too.
I am very protect-ful of all our members. We don’t have a stressful thread. no name calling allowed. I’ll delete anyone who starts any problems. If you have a problem, PM me and don’t post it. If you’re not happy. please move on quietly. I’d do the same for you. You want Stress Free learning. come join us.
Really can’t understand something. PM me your phone number and best time to call and I’ll clear it up for you looking at an FXDD Demo chart so we are looking at the same chart.
You will need a MT4 platform to use our program.
The key to this method is the Traders Dynamic Index indicator for entries and exits. I also use a Stochastics (8,3,3) indicator. It is ONLY used to confirm direction. Nothing else.
We only use Heiken Ashi candles. that’s important.
We want you to be an active member asking questions, posting charts and making observations
when possible. Start trading a Demo account until you build your confidence and only then consider switching to a live account.
Disregard template posted below and see updates. Read the complete thread BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. YOU WON’T BE SORRY.
1st Trading Chart. Note on the TDI showing your entry set ups. green crossing red enter on that new PA candle.
Entries and exits.
We Enter a trade when green crosses red on the TDI at the beginning of that candle. If it’s candle 3 or more don’t enter. find another trade set up. The only exception is if green bounces off red and continues. it’s ok to re-enter on the bounce.
Exit your trade when the green TDI line goes flat, starts to hook over or makes a check mark reversal.
If you add other things it will influence your decisions. usually to your detriment. Don’t try to complicate it thinking it can’t be this easy.
Important to study TDI entries on old charts, any time frame. Give yourself a chance and trade it like it’s laid out.
I prefer to trade the 4hr charts at night. My broker posts new 4 hr candles at 10pm my time (Pacific), 2am my time and 6am my time.
My page when I open up my charts has 8 open charts. I just glance at the TDI for set ups when the new candle opens. If I see a set up. green just crossing red I’ll take the trade, turn off the pc and go to bed. Four hours later (1:50am) my alarm goes off for the new candles and I take a peek. if I see a new set up I’ll enter and go back to bed with the last alarm at 5:50am my time. I close all trades at that time and go back to sleep. There are enough set ups in a normal week to make 200-500 pips. Stress is zero.
If I do any day trading I’ll use 1hr charts at news time. Any method and any timeframes are difficult and fast on the 5-15 min charts. That’s where most traders get taken to the slaughter and the dealers know it which puts the odds in their favor.
I hate to monitor charts anyway. Even if I scalp the market I use 4hr charts with success. 4hr charts have less noise, less head fakes, less influence by any news. Just have a lot of benefits.
The key to building confidence is to study old charts. look at the TDI moves and how it looks on PA so every time you see that same set up you will know your odds for success are high.
HA candles average a 3-8 candle run in most cases when it reverses. That’s why I want to enter on candle 1 or 2 if I see a set up. A single candle on the 4hr nets you 30-60 pips or more generally. If it goes 3-4 candles you’ve already made 80-150 pips.
When using Japanese candles you see up down up down and you’re stressed to the max during your trade. It’s more calming to trade HA candles.
Dean Malone @ trades a similar method but it’s very conservative. too slow for me and I had to pass on a lot of pips using his rules and he trades 15 min charts which I don’t like.
If you want the Original TDI Indicator and HA candle indicator (Average Price Bars) go to the site above. They are free downloads. You can remove what you want.
Dean invented the TDI. and I removed all the extra lines to make it easy to look at and trade. same thing with his Synergy charts. I kept eliminating all the extras until we got down to what I trade now. no fluff. His charts and TDI are too busy for me. I like simplicity. He doesn’t use the TDI the same way I do either.
Which direction to trade the TDI. Is it going up (long) or coming down (short). that’s the direction to trade.
I hate S/l trading. The safest way is to place your S/L at the last high or low a couple of candles back. I’ve never had one taken out that way.
A set up is NOT GREEN TOUCHING RED. Why? Many times green bounces back and the original direction continues. That’s a bounce trade.
Wait for green to CROSS RED and open your trade at the beginning of the new candle. usually candle 1 or 2.
Catch the momentum.
I’d say pick the charts you like to trade and understand their movements. breathing patterns.
I always like to have the E/U, G/U and A/U side by side on top plus one more chart. Those three charts tend to move together in the same direction. So if I see a set up on one I usually find a set up on one or both on the other pairs. I’ve made a lot of pips trading all three at the same time.
I usually include 2-3 Japanese charts. a USD/CAD chart. Always end up with 8 charts on one page.
Dean trades these on top.e/u, g/u e/j, a/u left to right and these below. left to right. u/chf, u/j, g/j , u/cad. Setting them up that way generally means the top chart is moving in one direction and the one directly below moves in the opposite direction.
Would probably been a small loss. we get them every here and there. everyone does no matter their method.
Let me straighten a few things out as I get started today (1:30pm).
I have to deal with a lot of medical problems each day. Not looking for sympathy here. So at times I won’t be available to answer questions directly so please be patient and understand.
I have a wonderful group of traders. that know what they’re doing and they have been jumping in to help. which I appreciate dearly. they have become close and trusted friends and they love what they do here. They’re here to help you learn.
Many traders are making money for the first time since they started trading fx and they deserve it, too. I get high on other peoples success.
If you ask a question and it doesn’t get answered. please forgive us and please ask it again. It gets a little hectic over here.
I’m going to post lots of charts with trade examples. I always learned best by seeing. Probably you too.
Welcome aboard to all new thread members. We want you all to participate in a positive manner and post charts too. Well, let’s get to it.

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