Trading made simple by BigE-Part 2

Here is a training chart. yes, yes, yes there are many trades on it but look at the TDI Blue boxes. A Normal entry is when green crosses red on the TDI (and you can actually see the green on the other side).
A bounce trade is when green gets close to red but bounces away and the original trade continues are good entries generally.
I always look to the left for a possible res/sup level being near. If it’s close I pass on the trade and go find another.

Training Chart. Every red vertical line denotes a proper trade set up on the TDI. There is 16 total. Well it looks like one or two MIGHT have been a small loser. oh my gosh. so using this method on a current chart. what does that make your winning percentage? If you decide to trade this Simple Method I recommend you go to your local hardware store and buy a wheelbarrow to carry your pips to the bank. I got mine gold plated. what color is yours SnarlyJ?
Every time I enter a trade I Expect To Win. right from the get go. If I’m not sure because of what I’m seeing I’ll pass and find another set up. therefore the wheel barrow is required equipment to trade this simple method.

I generally quit trading at 6am Pacific (9am est.). Why? The market might cook some for the next hour or two but unless there is a hot news announcement during the day. the market pretty much peters out and ranges. I don’t want to be trading in that junk. That’s where dealers make most of your money is ranging markets and 5-15 min time frame trading. you got to quit trading those trash time frames. Granted there are 2 out of 100 who can Kick bootie there but chances are you’re in the 98% who can’t. I hear it over and over traders complaining that they have 2-3 years experience but can’t keep their head above water. always losing or just breaking even. or worse.
You can’t get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over. just aren’t going to happen anytime soon.
Years ago I traded stocks but later switched to fx. I started using higher timeframes moving up from 5 to 15 to 30 to 1hr and I was seeing benefits every time I went higher. Kept working on the TDI honing it to the maximum simplicity possible and moving up to 4hr charts and trading at my bed time. wow what a difference in pips earned. stress free as I slept.
On this method the TDI is King. All trades are signaled by it as well as exits. does that keep it simple. Only red and green lines (double thickness) and remove the others. cut out any possible confusion. make it simple for YOU !
Note the last 20 candles (PA) are pretty flat with some movement.
You took the trade close to the TDI 32 line which is about the bottom. However I’ve seen trades taken short on the 32 line go 100 pips profit. Just be aware how close you are to the 68 & 32 line and pay close attention.
The TDI and Stochs are giving opposite signals.
Also pay attention to the left on the TDI for tops and bottoms. there pretty accurate for reversals.
It may be ok but I would have passed looking for another chart set up. I only pick the best chart set ups to trade. there are plenty and no itchy finger here to jump in. just pick the most solid looking set ups. it’ll make you lots of pips.
Looking at your TDI. if you see:
1. TDI go flat
2. TDI start to hook over
3. TDI do a check mark reversal
I marked exit areas on the TDI on this chart:

TDI Roll Over or hooking over Exit Signals:

Check mark EXITS on the TDI. From these 3 charts you can see what to look for on EXITS via the TDI. very simple again.

Entries. Doesn’t matter the time frames. the set ups are all the same. This is so simple to spot most can trade this easy system and make lots of pips. a member recently took 3 evening trades and woke to 250 pips profit. you can, too.

The question was concerning why not enter on candle # 3. In this example the TDI indicates taking the trade on candle # 1. Had you entered on candle # 3 you would have been two candles late for the CORRECT ENTRY. Because a reversal normal runs 3-8 candles we were fortunate it has run so many candles.
The idea about entering on candle 1 or 2 if you get the TDI signal is if it only goes 3 candles you should get on average at least some profit. especially on higher time frames.

For New Traders Only. I hope you’re not burning your eye sockets out trying to read the charts. You need to click on the charts to enlarge them. sometimes up to 3 times for max magnification.

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