Trading made simple by BigE-Part 3

Current Training charts

Don’t contact Dean Malone about the TDI. The way he uses it for his method is 180 degrees from how we use it. you need to learn how to use it our way.
The TDI is the heart of our method. It tells you when to enter and where to exit any trades. so review previous posts and learn it good.
HA Candles are important because it makes your trading way less stressful. use them. Stochs is nothing but confirmation. If Stochs & the TDI give different signals. lights flash off and on warning me to take a closer look before entering. and usually I look for another trade.
5 ema. shows direction currently. only wanting to enter on candle 1 or two. If there is a reversal do I have a TDI signal to enter. if not and all looks strong then enter on candle 2. use some discretion. practice on Demo. take some chances and see if your head computer was right. it’s free.
HA Candles. What are their size? If they are small I will usually go find another set up. Look for consolidation. look for how close PA is to sup/res levels. use your brain! Believe it or not you have to participate and think. until it’s so second nature. there is nothing to it. it’s so simple. don’t complicate it or you will lose.
Ask me specific questions with chart examples. mark your chart up. Don’t be vague. get specific. I don’t have the ability to know what you’re thinking. The 32,50 & 68 lines are original. When you get to 68 start looking for a reversal sign on the TDI. However it could still be 50-100 pips away occasionally. just pay attention to the green line for a possible exit signal. the 32 line is the opposite. When I check my charts. I look to the TDI. then PA. If I’m not feeling strong about a current in progress trade. get out then and keep the pips. you don’t have to wait for the next candle to exit. Grab your money and run to a new trade.
A lot of the problems are people trading 5min-1hr charts. your setting yourself up for failure in most cases.
I used to trade the first 2 hours of the NY Session on the 15min charts. Since I no longer trade 15min charts I shut down at 6am my time (9am NY). At about 8am my time (pacific) the market starts to range normally. it’s self destruct to trade ranging markets. If I did trade the first couple of hours I’d scalp it on a 4hr chart if I get a set up.
If the TDI straight green line tweaks it’s angle. pay close attention. check everything. it’s warning you something has changed or is about to.
Congrats to all of you knocking down pips. This system is simple and works. If you can’t make pips with it consider taking up playing cards or something else. Honestly. trading isn’t for everyone.
TDI Tweaks. It doesn’t mean you have to exit the trade. it’s a heads up so pay attention.

When I see a tweak. I look for:
1. Are the candles getting smaller
2. Are the wicks starting to pull back more
3. Are we getting close to a sup/res level.
4. Is my green TDI line getting close to previous highs or lows on my TDI.
Those kind of things. being observant.
I check on any time frame I’m trading. and at night when nature calls I pop on the pc and take a quick look.
For you newer folks. Trading the London Session is the best in my opinion. lots of movement.
Unfortunately it starts late at night in the United States. That’s a major reason you want to learn trading the 4 hour or Daily charts using this method. If you’re serious you’ll use an alarm at the next 4hr candle that appears. It will only take 10 min. to check for trades you need to close or open. At first I thought “what a pain in the keester” however it turned out to be no big deal and the pips piled in! I thought. what a fabulous discovery. Look at your London Session old trades and check out the TDI trade signals on your 4hr and Daily charts. your jaws will drop open when you realize what a gold mine is during that time.
Practice Demo trades to build confidence in the method. it’s money in the bank.
Don’t get fired! Just make the necessary transition to trading 4hr charts during the London session. or Daily charts.
Here is a daily chart. entries marked with vertical lines. It’s easy on this timeframe too.

The chart above. I was hoping to go thru the trades however when your posting you can’t see the chart. duh!
Quit making excuses. if it was any simpler there wouldn’t be a method. it’s bare bones now.
Simple rules, easy TDI entries and exits. fine tune it to your understanding. don’t add anything. don’t complicate it.
Many traders on the old thread said once they quit trying to improve it or making it more complicated. their pip take exploded.
Just for me personally. I trade with FXDD and it’s daily update is at 2pm my time. almost always the market is flat and really doesn’t pick up for another 8-10 hours. and I kill my trades at about 6am my time Pacific because the market is getting ready to range again. I really don’t want to be in the market at dead times. after all it’s my money on the line. I can appreciate the fact you don’t want to get up but it’s difference of trading style and preference. nothing more.
I’ll have my butler unlock the Daily charts so anyone can trade them. Didn’t realize I had a gun to your head. sorry buddy.
I’m just explaining how I do it and why. nothing more. I fill my wheel barrow often with pips and that’s what counts to me.
Just trying to help other traders succeed.
Most new traders are terrified to think about trading 4hr & Daily charts. I know I was many years ago. but I didn’t have a plan on how to successfully attack it either. We are bring that info to our readers.
Stop trading lower time frames if you really want to make money.
When I finally got sick and tired of making $1 a pip I switched to 4hr charts and trading full lots.
I’ve spent a lot of money and thousands of hours studying and it was about time I got paid for it. and I do using our method.
I guess what I don’t like about the Dailies they have big pull back often and on a Daily chart that is a lot of pips. and as always I hate giving 1 pip back to my broker.
I’ll do more research on it. Thanks.
I don’t worry about PA crossing the 5 ema. I totally depend on the TDI for my entry signals.
Always entering when green crosses red and only on candle 1 or two depending what the TDI shows. otherwise I pass and look for another set up.
When you enter a trade using the TDI. watch PA as it arches back and forth to the yellow 5ema line.
If it’s arching back to the yellow line. don’t panic and just jump out. If PA looks strong around the 5ema line. stay in the trade until the TDI tells you different (exit rules). Give your trades some latitude to breathe. use your brain. does PA still look good? No small candles forming? Flow with your trades. Demo until you build confidence. study old charts.
Give it a shot buddy. follow the rules, enter/exits on TDI. Trade Demo to build confidence and study old charts and many pairs with our template until it becomes second nature.
I love taking short trades off the 68 line or just below and long trades long off the 32 line area. made tons of pips when that opportunity presents itself.
Training Chart. Current E/U.
Note the green line has tweaked to the right twice. We are way above the TDI 68 Line. Will be turning, soon. Keep an eye on it.

Training Chart.
Remember what I said about the Three Amigos – E/U, G/U, A/U.
Looks almost like the E/U above. Shows one regular entry, a re-entry. Way above the 68 line on the TDI.

Training Chart.
Here is the A/U. looks similar to the other two. two entry points, way above the TDI 68 line. getting ready to turn like the first two charts. All three should turn in the next 4-8 hours.

Training Chart –
USD/CHF – Heading down. opposite of E/U. Looks like an entry on the 4hr chart. almost to the 32 line so pay attention.

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