Trading made simple by BigE-Part 4

Training Chart –
Going south (short). Even though it’s candle #3 it looks strong for a trade entry. USD/JPY 4hr.

Training Chart –
US/Cad 4hr. no trade here. Candle 4 is pulling back, TDI has tweaked. reversal coming.

Training Chart –
GBP/JPY 4hr. Strong trade set up right now.

Training Chart –
EUR/JPY 4hr. looks strong. missed best entry (candle 1 or 2). you decide. sorry it’s a daily chart.

Training Chart
EUR/JPY 4hr. going short but green hasn’t crossed red yet. you choose. Stoch confirms.

I’m disappointed in a few of you and your actions. This is my thread and my method. traded the way I’ve laid it out.
I don’t want to see any more posts that discuss other indicators. other ways. I’m here to help you to make money at no cost to you and I’ve invested thousands of hours doing just that.
Just show your support and respect that were discussing the 5 method. Making trading simple.
If you want to share your other ways or indicators then PM the person that is interested. Don’t post it on our thread.
Guys. My point is let’s keep the thread clean. If you see a post for someone looking for something or a different way you trade it. no problem but please PM them alone. thanks.
Let’s build this so we can help as many traders as possible because they all have money and time invested and they need to make money for their efforts.
Starting out you should be 60-65% successful. Within 1 to two months you should be 70-80% successful. If. you follow the simple rules and simple exits. 3-6 months. 85% successful. Don’t complicate it. keep it simple. Buy your wheel barrow.
I never knowingly take a draw back of 40-50 pips even on the 4hr. I generally exit at 10-15 pips to keep my profit and I’ll re-enter when it turns back. If it happens when I’M SLEEPING. SO WHAT . I never know about it. S/L at last HH or LL. It turns out in my favor most of the time. I lose about 2 trades out of 14-16 trades. I can live with that. I choose my trades carefully making sure they meet the entry rules spot on. and pass on the iffy ones and go hunt other charts.
Even people trading Silver with our method are winning big time.
It’s simple and straight forward so let’s keep it that way please. I want you to win big time.
This one. well, Red is turning over at this moment. green above 68 line (TDI) I think it will drop soon. wait for a set up.

G/U 4hr. Nothing impressive. TDI Green is flat so no go right now. keep an eye on it.

A/U 4hr. Interesting Chart. We are in consolidation (PA), TDI looks strong but no set up yet.
We are above the 68 line too. Another one of the Three Amigos. watch them all.

U/CHF 4hr . Dead in the water. PA & TDI flat.

U/JPY 4hr. Dead in the water. PA & TDI flat.

U/CAD 4hr – dead too. Small candles on PA and TDI flat. These charts show why I don’t like to day trade. this is common.

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