Traffic Challenge Day 1 Get Do Follow Backlinks & Organic Traffic

everybody eats make meanie here again profit copilot calm and today is the first 24-hour period in our 30-day blog traffic challenge so we are setting up a brand new blog which we’re going to see how much traffic we can get to the blog of the next 30 days without using paid traffic without having a social media profile previously so without having any contacts without having an email list or affiliates or anything contacts or anything like that we’re going completely from scratch and we’re going to see how much traffic organic traffic we can get over the next thirty days and here is the the results of the first 24 hours as you can see it’s 20 sessions. Okay, we’re not setting the world on fire what I’m gonna do show you how how I am driving traffic to the blog at the moment so I’m using this website drop my link accomp here you enter in a keyword or a niche and then it will bring you a list of websites that accept do full of comments and guest posts and link roundups all kinds of awesome stuff so for the moment I am just commenting on other people’s blogs and let me let me really stress this point if you’re gonna do this for yourself the comments that you post have got to be high quality they have to be relevant to the article they have to be engaging as well they have to contribute something to the article so no one liner is here know hey man great post and then off you go none of that stuff what we’re looking for is a good paragraph of original unique content in the comment section that contributes to the to the discussion or aims to start a new discussion based on the topic based on the content of the article so it’s a very ethical very cool way of generating traffic and as you can see. Okay, day one we’re not setting the world on fire when up generating loads of traffic. But it’s a star and maybe maybe tomorrow we’ll get more traffic and what I’m probably gonna do is what the challenge is I’m gonna drop in with another article possibly in a few days time with an update of how this is going. Because I kind of figure if if tomorrow let’s say it doubles when we get 40 visits visitors that’s not very exciting for you it’s not very educational for you it’s kind of like this slow drip drip and I don’t think that you guys need to see the pain involved him watching the analytics slowly climb up so I’m gonna do is wait a few days and then I’m gonna show you a few days worth of results all at once. So you can take everything that I’ve learned over those few days and take that and put it straight into your own websites really quickly instead of having to. You know. watch me do it drip by drip so there you go first 24 hours not too bad I’m. Okay, with that it’s not not amazing we’ll see how we go if you’ve found this little tip helpful to drop my link website then drop a thumbs up down below maybe leave a comment if you want to and of course subscribe to the channel if you’re here for the first time so thank you for watching and I will see you again in a few days with another update.

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