Traffic Challenge Day 2 How I Got An Extra 100 Visitors With Forum Marketing

hello everybody welcome to profit copilot it’s macmaine II here again and today is the second day of the blog traffic challenge so for next 30 days or the next 28 days or whatever is left I’m gonna see how much traffic I can get to a brand new blog and we’re gonna do it organically so the traffic is going to be for free we’re gonna do ethically we’re not gonna spam we’re not gonna do anything shady or any of that stuff and hopefully you will be able to if not replicate this you will be able to take something from this journey and implement it on your own websites and get better results get more traffic maybe more sales more subscribers if it works out and today we’ve got the results over the last 24 hours and as you can see yesterday we had around 20 visitors to the brand-new website and I did that through blog commenting today I kind of mix things up a little bit and I started posting on forums in the last 24 hours it’s been 160 people have visited and I’m going to tell you how I did that. Because it’s a very specific process that you you have to do you can’t just join a bunch of forums and start spamming your link all around that won’t work that’s unethical for a start the way that I’ve done it is I’ve joined relevant forums and I used the signature with a strong headline in the signature file and I gave people a really emotionally charged reason to click on that link and that link instead of going to the home page of my blog it actually went to a squeeze page or a landing page where a captured leads and these are gonna become more important later on as we go on through this process and to be honest with you the the traffic that will get in from the forum’s at the moment which is in the last 24 hours it’s been 160 people have visited that squeeze page which is fantastic I’m amazed that we’ve broken the hundred people a day barrier so soon hey tomorrow at my old change the traffic might slip back down who knows what’s gonna happen and this means you gotta know what your audience once you have to know who you’re dealing with so therefore you have to really have a strong passion for the thing that you are blogging about and that’s what we’re doing were looking at people’s emotional needs we’re speaking to them in an emotional way and causing a reaction provoking them to click that link in the signature. But there’s something bigger at work here we’re not just relying on form signatures to generate traffic what we’re doing is something much bigger something much more important so we’re making positive contributions high-value contributions to the communities that were getting involved with or building solid relationships with other community members other bloggers we’re gonna reap they stuff a later date and it’s gonna pay off further on in the month so there you go these this is the results that I’ve received in the last 24 hours from using forum posting we haven’t been aggressive about it we haven’t been spamming we’ve just been decent and helpful and exactly the type of person that you would want in your community there you go hope you found this useful if you have then give it a thumbs up below hit the like button and if you’re not already subscribed to this channel do so. Now and you’ll follow more of my journey as we go into this and. You know. 160 people. But in the last 24 hours not too bad it might all change tomorrow honest you might slide down it might increase time will tell so I’ll see you in a few days time when I have something to report back ok thank you for watching see you soon.

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