Traffic Challenge Days 3 5 300 website hits from social media

hey guys welcome to profit copilot it’s make meanie here again and I’ve got another blog traffic update for you so as you might know we’re doing the 30 day blog traffic challenge I’m trying to send as much traffic as I can to a brand new blog using free methods so at the beginning of the week the beginning of the challenge I started do blog commenting that was. Okay. You know. it didn’t set the world on fire it was. Okay, then I incorporated forum marketing into that so making a really strong signature on forum posts that did really well that boosted the traffic of and as you can say have a look at the stats. Okay, I’m going to explain so here you can see that the traffic shut up to over 250 people and then up to around 400 and. You know. we’re not too far away from the five hundred sessions mark and then it dipped down again so let me explain what was what is happening here so in addition to everything else that we’ve been doing the blog comments in the forum posting that kind of thing what I’ve also added is social media marketing so things like Twitter Facebook groups LinkedIn Pinterest all that awesome stuff that we know can send huge amounts of traffic to a website when it’s done right. So if you want to replicate this and you want to put social media into your mix what I would strongly suggest you do is pay close attention to your headlines. Okay, you want to make a really strong solid emotionally driven headline and use that to lure people in to your blog of course you have to deliver on the headline. So if you can’t use clickbait you can’t use. You know. horrible techniques that don’t deliver if you make a promise in your headline make sure that you fulfill that promise on the blog post so that’s the strategy that I have incorporated at the moment and it’s. Okay, it’s paying off and let me show you something else so I’m going to scroll down for you have a look here so these are the sessions since we began this challenge and here are the number of actual users that have visited it’s almost a thousand and then here we have the number of pageviews which is 1348 so what I really want you to pay close attention to is this bit the new visitor versus returning visitor so as you can see 17% of the people who visit the this blog are repeat visitors that is a really good indication ideally if we can get this 50 50 50 that will be amazing I don’t think we’re gonna do it. But I deal II we want to see half the people who visit a site return and then half the people who visit our fresh blood coming in new leads coming in to and coming into the block and then 50 percent of those are so engaged so into our content that they come back for more let me say this is a result of using an email list so every time I publish a new post I send it out to the email list and this helps keep the returning visitor percentage fairly high. Now another metric which I’d like you to have a look at is the average session duration. Now it’s. Okay, I think it’s a little bit on the low side. But considering that it’s a new blog it doesn’t have that many posts it’s. Okay, it’s. You know. hopefully hopefully we can get that up. I mean if we can break the minute mark if we can have our visitors sustain on on the website for a whole minute that will be amazing also have a look at the country that the traffic is coming from so here we have the United States at top counted a second and then United Kingdom third an Australia fourth this is exactly the kind of traffic that we would want to see and this is the most profitable traffic as well so there you go a little bit of an update for you of the last few days and listen there’s also blog posts that accompany these articles too so head to the website have a look through the blog posts you’re going to get more in-depth information so thank you for watching give me a like subscribe to the channel and I will see you again in a few days thanks for watching.

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