What is up. ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the good old tech crack house so today I’ll actually be kind of talking about betterment giving you kind of like a reintroduction to my betterment portfolio and just kind of like going over a few things. Because I was using betterment in the past I kind of moved away from it after I realized that. You know. maybe. It really wasn’t for me and it wasn’t really providing the the articles that all of you wanted to see. But I’m kind of reintroducing it. Because I’ve come to realize that there are other investment apps out there aside from just like Robin Hood which is one that I’ve really kind of focused on I’ve also been focusing on Bitcoin a lot which. You know. both of those things are totally fine. But I also kind of want to refocus and just let all of. You know. that there are other investment apps out there aside from Robin Hood and many of them are actually quite good and comparable with Robin Hood if not better than Robin Hood so um one of these investments investment have spurred me is actually betterment. Now if you’re familiar with betterment it’s essentially kind of a Robo investing. You know. kind of software app type thing a little bit like acorns. But it focuses more on goals as opposed to. You know. other such things. Now betterment I believe it charges one dollar per month and what I’m kind of looking at in this article is. You know. is betterment kind of a scam with the one dollar month it charges. Now I’m gonna be quite honest with you a lot of people think out there that if some sort of service is charging you money or. You know. if there is a premium to pay for service and you don’t immediately see results from it then it’s a scam that’s not necessarily the case. Okay, in betterments defense here you pay a monthly premium in order to actually. You know. have this kind of Robo investor thing work for you in essence so what we’re talking about here is it’s investing your money for you it takes your lump sum and it puts it into kind of a pre allocation. Now betterment also times out pretty frequently so I’m gonna go ahead and actually put in my code here again and that’s something that kind of frustrates me with betterment. Because if I’m trying to record it and time’s out I gotta kind of like edit out putting my coat in and it’s just like it’s kind of annoying. But anyway betterment really focuses on goals. Now when I say goals I’m talking about financial goals. You know. not the other type of goals that some of you might think about so anyway part of it what we’re looking at here we have a safety net as you can see it says off track over here so how do you remedy that. Okay, good question alright let’s take a look let’s click on off track and it actually kind of pulls up your account balance. Now I also have ten dollars coming in every Wednesday and as we kind of watch the the portfolio here progress which I don’t think I’ll be doing weekly update articles on this unless all of you want me to I’ll probably be doing maybe monthly it just kind of keep tabs on it. But not really to obsess over too much. Because I do have a lot more interesting content coming your way it’s just like I want to do some some more introductory articles and kind of get them out of the way. So I can introduce. You know. more content and more diversified content. So it says that so far, I think it wants me to have roughly four grand or so in the account. Yeah, it wants me to have four thousand one hundred and forty eight dollars in the account for the safety net which kind of makes sense to me it’s it’s kind of a small balance that they want you to hold in order to have a little bit of a savings which is also kind of working with investments for you so like an invested savings account more or less so looking at this it recommends that I would deposit two thousand six hundred and seventy eight dollars. Yeah, upfront and then thirty nine dollars and seventy cents every Wednesday will that be happening not necessarily. But. You know. through the course of this experiment where I prove that a got not errands for me that betterment. You know. is not a scam despite of charging you a dollar or however much per month I will honestly. You know. I’ll kind of I’ll go through some things and try to make it a little bit happier I guess with my investments. Because. You know. I feel like with betterment you do have to put a certain amount of money into the amp to actually get it to work a certain way. So I might look into that. But. It really depends on how many of you are interested in betterment. So if none of you like betterment I might not really. You know. make articles on too frequently if you do like betterment. You know. maybe I’ll make more frequent articles so it’s betterment a scam no it’s not okay. Because you are paying to actually have investments. You know. kind of managed for you which i think makes a lot of sense for newer investors it’s really pretty convenient and overall it’s good so check it out if you’re interested let me know if you want more articles on the subject and I think that’s gonna do it for you folks so have a fantastic day and adios if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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