Unbelievable Simple Forex Trading Strategy (No Indicators?)

hello Tom Weller here from Forex reviews info first of all it’s like to say thanks for adding your name and email on the previous page I’m the owner of this sort and one of the things I love to do in life you know other than writing is I love to trade as well I see it as a part-time thing I’ve been doing it now for a bit over four bit over two years, so it’s a little bit of my background and for its I know that’s not that long I knows a lot of traders out there that have been doing it for maybe ten fifteen plus or years I was one of those lucky people I think you know when I first got involved into 4x I’ll just tell you about bit about my experience with the weave trading and, then I’ll show you some stuff on the charts as well and, but there yeah thanks again for adding your email and do not forget to confirm your email, so that you can receive all my other videos that are coming up that that will be sent to your email box as well other videos I’ll go over is understanding the charts price action psychology the market and basically loads more like you know I’m not going to stop here, but these are the ones that will help you get more profitable in forex I’ve also got a video I’ll be sending you about how to get more than 100 pips per trade and as a bonus as I said I’ll share with you the secret forex trading strategy I use it’s called called the secret double tap and probably one of the most successful forms of forest trading I’ve ever used it’s been mentioned on numerous forums before and I just wanted I’ll share it with you I haven’t shared with many people and it’s one of the ways I used to pull massive amounts of profit out of the market with very very little risk very high probability in form of trading anyway to get that video in a moment up just watching this video finishes to get that video all you have to do is like below this video as you’ll see there’ll be a like button like on Facebook and the link will appear to be able to watch my bonus video called the secret double trap double tap trading technique okay, so a little bit about myself and why you why it’s a good thing that you decide to add your email here well let me tell you a my story I won’t try and say too long you know by the way I’m 32 years old first thing I learnt in trading is well at first it was really really easy this is the truth it’s my story er my trading story was the first 2 to 3 weeks I was actually pulling even though I was dealing with micro accounts of just 10 cents per pip I was pulling around 15 to 20 dollars a day in micro accounts which we hear about 10 to 15 really good trades and I was doing that every day and and my simple strategy was I hadn’t listened to anyone I didn’t listen to the news I didn’t do anything I was only trading the Australian us, so what I was doing is I was just waiting for on the 5-minute chart or the one-minute chart mostly the one-minute shot too by the way this was pretty crazy I was just waiting for – you know, if we’ve got a red line of arrow candles going down odd wait could you know about two two green candles – in order to buy and I pulled the second candle the confirmation candle and I don’t know how I came up with that idea just sort of came to my head I’m looking for the pattern up down up down up down on the one-minute or follow me in a chart and yeah I used to pull in about 15 or 20 dollars a day well until I I was misled I know started you know looking at the media, if you haven’t watched my other video on media yet I’ll share with I’ll share that with you in a in a future email people and that’s something that really or that you know you shouldn’t really use the media in any form of trading okay, so basically I got misled into you know thinking that you know I can make my trading even better by using indicators such as stochastic was actually one of my favorite I did try using the MACD yeah now some people like that one, but personally the stochastic and the map down that to me they’re not much different you know, so, but they’re both oscillators and what I found is when I started relying on indicators that’s when my probability of winning really went downhill I started realizing I was only winning winning about fifty percent of the time now the problem was I was holding on to the trades that I wasn’t winning and, then putting a massive stop on them, but the problem is I I wasn’t really selling or buying in good areas I was just sort of randomly selling and buying on the one in five minute chart, and, if you’ve been trading for a while you’ll know that, if you sell and buy in these sort of areas it can be very dangerous okay, so basically what happened there as I started focusing on fundamentals and indicators and yeah my trading went down hill real fast and, so luckily for me I just kept reading forums talking to really good traders and I came across this forum you know on Forex factory actually I’ve forgotten the name of the forum, but it doesn’t really matter it it was a forum focused on a former trading called naked trading and what they mean by naked trading is that it just was no indicators you use no indicators arm and I came across that six months into my trading and after I just kept breaking even breaking even in fact I was even losing more money than I was making this is my first six months of training I’d actually dedicated everything I put, because I run Internet my main focuses of earnings in my life at the moment is internet business it always has been and, so when I got came into to Forex that was a really good thing you know I really think that, if you really need to, if you really want to learn forex I don’t really think that I really think you need to delve into it and say hey I’m going to dedicate the next few months I’m going to you know I’m going to learn the right information that’s, so key right there is, so much crap out there and that’s all I’m going to share here with you guys is the simple truth of trading in that price action and understanding how to trade the high timeframes and minimizing risk and and once you focus on all those aspects you can go from basic trading which is you know the five the you know the the basic training that everyone thinks is basic into a full time income, so how did everything change well I got introduced to this this make this form of trading called naked trade it’s basically no indicators in the chart nothing, so I’ll just show you a chart as an example of what I mean by naked trading just open up the chance now okay here we come okay seeing is a perfect example of what I call naked Trey and this is the daily chart of the Australia us as you can see I’ve got arrows here pointing to significant areas on the chart and naked trainings basic seat there’s no indicators you don’t need this I’ll remove that okay, so there’s no indicators on the chart the reason that indicators make it not, so good or you shouldn’t rely on indicators for entry is, because they’re always lagging they’re always following price will tell you exactly what’s going to happen straightaway as an example I’ll show to you guys in future videos at guys and girls I’ll show to you in future videos how to enter on these sort of trades you know how to get the most profit how to risk the littlest as an exam I’ll just show you this one really quickly this is what is referred to a bearish pinbar now I’m going to go into this really big detail in future videos, because you really need to see lots of examples for some reason you know it’s one of those things it takes a little bit of a knack it’s easy for me to show you here and you might think you have it, but there’s a little bit of a knack to it okay, so here’s a bearish pinbar all right on the Australian around around 105 80 it formed and it went all the way down to 105 20 area 105 30 area and after that is a really good entry all right for a sell bearish pinbar, and, if you know how to trade this way, then that’s great the difference might be, if you’re not profitable that you’re trading on the two lower timeframes or these simply not entering after the candle that’s a very big important one, because you don’t want to enter, if the market is not going in the directions it’s going in and also possibly where you’re putting a stop either you’re risking too much or you’re risking too little too little and that depends on how much you’re risking as well, if you’re risking less than 1% which is a very small amount, then having a bigger stop-loss is not such a big deal, if you’re risking high amounts, then you need to risk less in order to have a good risk award okay that’s another video though, so basically put I got introduced to this and I met a trader named um Niall fuller you know he’s got his own website you know he’s a great trader and he uses price action alone, so I got a lot a lot of ideas from him and, then later on I met an even better trader well what I consider you know an even better trader which is a guy named Walter Peters he’s another Australian trader and he’s another trait of the focuses on price action now his his trading technique I’ve already been I’d already known about this technique I was basically looking for other good traders that were doing naked Forex and, then there are a lot of them there are a lot of them and a lot of them and the majority of them are very profitable this is what I found out pretty quickly is it these guys are very humble very profitable traders and, so I figured you know, if I’m going to copy the best traders and they’re saying and the best traders are saying do price action only am I going to listen to some trader on you know daily FX or somewhere like that who’s saying all the stock is overbought or the RSA’s week or whatever and gets it wrong fifty percent of time which one am I going to listen to these guys have really big influence on some of these big sites like daily effects there’s a massive list of mega sites where people listen to their point of view and they rely on indicators and I’m not saying indicators don’t work to a certain degree it’s just that you should never rely on them for trade entries, so get back to my point basically after you know watching his trades and reading a read a book that the art of candlesticks and I that was amazing I’ll refer you to that book as well I’ll show you that book you can buy it on Amazon we can probably even download it for free and it was you know it really showed me a lot and you’re getting to understand candlesticks you can scan the candlesticks show you the the sentiment of the market, so once you understand the center of the market that’s it you you’re just making money all you need to do is just open the trade when the candles show you the right direction look at great support and resistance areas and I’ll go into that I’ve got another video I’m now going to share with you everyone, if you, if you know support and resistance already maybe you’ll still help, because maybe you’re putting your support resistance in the in-between zones and that’s what I’ll go over is you don’t really want to focus on the in-between zones as you can see here about the daily chart here on the Australia US I’ll just show you this really quickly and you can see I’ve just got the support resistance is 105 70 104 51 a threat just above 103 and the next one is a 101 56 a lot of people have all these little support and resistances in between and that to me they’re just little tiny candle stick movements right they’re not really supporting resistances these are areas which have bounced significantly on the daily chart and that is the key that the one of the biggest keys in Forex is people focus on the to lower timeframes the brokers promoted actually many traders promoted I just like to trap a one-minute the 5-minute yeah that’s fine, but you’ve got to realize that once you trade on the lower timeframes your probability goes out the window, so, if you don’t shade on the lower timeframes you have to use smaller stop losses and the smaller stop-loss is going to have smaller profits too, so it depends on what sort of trade and that’s the brilliant with that we’re all going to reveal to you in the next couple of emails and videos is it doesn’t really matter what time frame you use as long as you trading aligns with that time frame I would recommend, if you’re not profitable in training that you really do just trade off the h4 daily or weekly timeframes and that’s it and basically that’s how you can turn basic trading into a full-time income is you get rid of all the preconceived ideas of what brokers broker’s want you to Tran the five minute why do they want you to train the five minute or the one-minute, because they want you to lose most the time what they want you to break even that is the simple truth there you can’t see major trends you can’t see major resistances of sports now you take a trade of the trades off the 4-hour or the daily or the weekly and they might be doing one or two trades a week that’s not beneficial to the broker even though that one trade or two trades a week might make 10 times more than the person this is interesting you know like I’ve met, so many really good trainers right I’ve met with Eagle traders that you know they’ll do like a hundred trades in one week, but I’ll do like one or two trades in that one week alone and I’ll take my time finding those trades and those one or two trades will make more pips, because that’s really what it’s about we’ll make more pips than their total of a hundred trades making what 5 to 10 pips each, so you’ve got to UM you’ve got to think of time perspective as well I mean what would you prefer one or two trades making 100 to 150 pips or 100 trades making around 5 to 6 pips to me the risk involved with scalping and stuff like that even though it’s a cool thing to do sometimes it, if you really want to become a profitable trade and a full-time trader you’ve really got to think long term with patience and that will create consistency and, so yeah basically put to summarize this video it’s this is just about you know what, I want to give you here is just a little understanding of you know how you can go from basic trading to full-time trading the only difference is there’s a lot of things you’ve got to let you go you got to get out and those differences are between a successful trader non successful trader is partly mindset as well a successful trader will always be patient a successful trader will not get upset when they lose a trade a successful trader will always make merlyn’s and losses and even, if you win only a 50% and my success rates about 65 to 70% even, if I only win about six, if you’ve only read about you know 50%, if your wins like say as an example your see you only win 50%, so you have two losses 50 pips each right from two trades, then the two wins let’s say they’re that they’re they double the loss, so that’s 100 pips each that’s 200 pips there to 100 pips loss, so you’re still making a hundred pips and this is what a lot of the most successful traders know is that trading is really not that hard you’ve just got to realize that this is a probability business once you realize four X’s of probability business and you can see that you know you’re going to lose a certain amount like say, if you did four trades and you lose one and every four, if you know you’re, if you’re going to lose one in four or even one in two as long as your win is more you’re making run it money right, so why the thing is the psychology of the human brain is, so significant here we are, so scared of loss that it makes it difficult to make millions in forex, so that’s where I’m going to break this down in a future video I’m going to go over the psychology of the market, because really that is one of the key elements here is dealing with loss it’s okay to lose that’s alright, because I’m going to show you how to win more than lose and that’s the key here, so thinking and become turning from going from a basic trader who’s just breaking even to a full-time trader is changing your thought patterns about losing probability and that understanding and each of them a different video is I’m going to share with you as well like about the psychology of the market I’m going to do that in a separate video, because it’s just, so big right now the moment I really just wanted to you know share a little bit about myself and you know give you a couple of tips as well, because this is a welcome video, so I’m just going to give you a little bit more on me and why you know it’s a good thing that you know added your name and email like I said I’m just going to give you the good tips focusing on naked Forex let me tell you that you know after I’ve discovered naked Forex and I discovered it six months after trading it’s always very lucky, but I did go through a lot of losses before, then now interestingly enough when I found when I got shown this naked foreign stick technique of not using indicated it just means no indicators by the way naked for its, if you’re wondering when I got shown this technique, but I still wanted to have the indicators there on the chance, so I did and every time I focused on them I found out something really interesting I would still be keep breaking even, so me and my mole she was my girlfriend the time she’s my wife now she me and my wife I went through a plan of just yeah camp just going to do the price action, I want to see the results of this and, then you know I had my first you know winning streak of five trades in a row of over 100 pips per trade and I was like wow that’s amazing yeah and and that was on the New Zealand US I just kept selling at this one spot you know kept pin barring and I’d keep selling and it’d just go down 100 pips and come back up a pin bar and in the drop achter and this is all on the 4-hour and daily sometimes I drop down to the one hour still guilty of that although I tell you know I don’t like to drop below the four hour anymore, so anyway after doing that four or five times in a row well I’ve got the secret this is perfect right here oh dear are you know I’m going to make millions, but you know like that’s what happens when you’re on a winning streak you know I got a losing streak after that and it was okay I didn’t wipe out all I didn’t wipe out all my profits, but the lesson I learned here was that not all the trades are going to be winners and one thing I hadn’t learned was to cut my losses early when they’re not and, so basically luckily for me I was risking very little amount of money, so I held on and you know you know a few weeks later all these trades were into profit anyway, but the point of what I’m trying to say is this when you’re trading to turn to go from a basic trader into a full-time trader it’s partly about mindset and knowing the right sort of execution what you think is going on the market a lot of the time when you’re when you’re quite new to trading is not, so much what’s really in reality 75% to 85% semi 287 t5 to 80% of all trading is moved by technicals alone meaning pin bars meaning and pin bars the greatest way of discovering sentiment in the market I mean you see a pin bar you should be seeing money that’s really what you should see especially, but the thing is with pin bars you’ve got to make sure they’re at support or resistance and I’m going to reveal that in the video as well on the support and resistance, if you haven’t seen some of my previous videos as well you might have already seen that, but I’m going to give you an embed a video and, then I show you even better tips I’m going to show you trades how they work how they can work on the low time frames or the high time frames I’m going to show you everything, because it’s the same with candlesticks no matter how you trade them they know candlesticks support and resistance they work time and time again, so and you know the people that discovered candlesticks you know that some of the wealthiest people in the world apparently, so there’s no point in focusing on all these other trading styles that brokers and marketers are promoting, because seriously I don’t know, if you know this, but around ninety percent of all traders break even or fail in trading and let me guess let’s let’s put these numbers in perspective would you think that around ninety percent of all traders use indicators, if your answer to that is yeah I think, so well you’re probably right, if there is a correlation there is also a correlation to how many people rely on the news the using the news is pretty useless, if you ask me and how many people rely on the media yeah that’s also that also increases loss in forex and you know how many people ignore technical Oh let’s buy at the top and let’s sell at the bottom whoa okay at this one you know, if you haven’t done back testing before and you are the sort of person that buys the tops of you know the daily or bottoms of edsells of the bottoms of the daily, then this you know these videos are really going to help you, so like I said I got lucky there and you know what happened you know after about you know three or four months of me following this naked forex techniques is about a year after me learning trading and, but you know what I dedicated my life to trading pretty much we’re not dedicated it I did it part-time like I did my internet businesses and, then the rest of my time I had like I could work I could you know read and watch videos for you know four or five hours straight and you know I used to watch ridiculous things as stochastic Mac crosses you know everything and they’re all crap until I came across price action, so basically put a after about a year of trading and I’d now been introduced to naked trading I finally realized after looking at my accounts that they were profitable pretty much every single one of my Forex accounts were beyond and I’d lost money beyond breakeven and now are in the profitable zone in fact I realized when I looked over all my last you know five six hundred trades my success ratio was about 65 to 70% it really blew me out and this was all price action alone and you know even during those times sometimes I fell for you know trading up the one hour or even lower you know and I could see that they were the ones that were pushing down the performance, so this is it in a nutshell I’m going to show you know how to do trade naked trading how to be consistently profitable and how you two can turn this into an income, if you, so like I mean, if you do not want forex to be an income in your life and you’re just trying to find out about forex maybe you just want to learn a part-time that is something you can do here as well, but, if you really want to learn for its really well and really have it as a strong income in your portfolio, then I highly recommend sitting down watching all these videos and maybe watching them a couple of times too, because this seriously is like over a year worth of my learning curve here I’ve read books I’ve watched videos I’ve listened to you know, so many for experience I’ve seen all the pitfalls in forex pretty much 90% of them I mean I don’t think I haven’t seen anything that that you know isn’t you know they can’t happen I’ve seen successful traders go under I’ve seen unsuccessful traders become really good and you know like I said I’ve gone from break-even – now I’m consistently profitable all my accounts all my Forex accounts consisting profitable and that’s all you need to know really is that your you’re watching videos from a guy who’s been trading for a couple of years now bit over two years now and is his accounts are consistently profitable and you know what I don’t have this fear inside me like all I’m going to wipe my account out I never allow my account to be wiped out, because I have a special type of money management technique and I can either use hedging in this money magic man ajma’in or I can use tight stop losses and they both work brilliantly and I’ll reveal them to you in future videos as well, so right now what are what I need you to do is for you to get these future videos is I really need you to go into your email find your welcome email from me it’ll just be like just confirm your email, so you can receive future emails for me you know and the video will be from Forex reviews dot info, so just confirm that and, then you know within a few minutes you’ll receive another email with with a video and some information about Forex and we can get you started here you go through the learning curve of you know of these series of videos that I’m going to show you and also I really highly recommend as well liking me on Facebook below and I’ll show you this bonus price action trading technique I call the secret double tap and you know I never hear anyone else talking about it I discovered this myself this is my own straighten trading strategy that I found that works time and time again and, so I’ve got a whole video on that as well I think you’re going to love it I think it’s really going to improve your trading style and yeah let’s I want everyone I know you know, I want to help everyone I know to be able to make some decent money in forex it’s a bad time let’s stop you know I’ll try to help you stop listening to the hype and let’s start making some money together let me show you how to make mix money let me show you how to get over 100 pips per per trade okay well thanks for listening everyone and I’ll see you on the other side yet just to confirm your email and I’ll speak to you again soon okay thanks again.

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