Very Simple and Effective Forex Trading Strategy for closing Sunday Gap. No indicators

I will teach you about trading something up it’s a very simple strategy that everyone should know about and benefit from it as you probably know forex markets are not active 24/7, but only 24 5 which gives us 49 hours gap as well as gap in price as we all know nature abhors a vacuum, so does the market, so, let’s see how can we benefit from it this is today’s situation the price the market closed at this price on Friday and opens 15 pips below on Sunday as I said before nature abhors a vacuum, so does the market and the market is trying to close the gap which is perfectly late, maybe not up to the 15 points, but we’ll talk about that as well we’re not going to set our take profit exactly at the end of the day we need to check out what was going on a little bit earlier and as we can see there is some support here and support here that’s why he wouldn’t be waiting up to the end we would be exiting the market a bit area this is actually my trade from today as you can see it was 5 minutes 55 seconds I go the profits of 5 pips quick and easy money it’s not much, but I will show you the gaps that can give you up to 100 pips everything depends on the situation on the market, but even 5 pips, if it’s short 5 pips, if is like something that you know that you’re going to have it for sure well why not go for that you are risking really little and you can buy some good money you can you can risk 5% of your iPod doing that strategy in my opinion, so as I said today it was 15 points god I closed it a little bit below this level and I banked some profit, let’s see what happened last week this is last week, so you can see it looks like there is no gap, but actually yes there was a gap just visible that was the closing on Friday then the price open here on Sunday and dropped seven points down that was a little bit small gap, maybe a bit too risky to trade I mean it’s going to close, but it’s a bit small and, you need to consider one thing that during that time when there is an opening on Sunday the spread is not, so pretty as here open 7 pips, but it’s a bit larger it depends on you on your world of your broker it might be even tank tips I have seen like 20 bar that was like extreme conditions on the market with my broker which you can which you can check it’s small enough, so I can I could even try this kind of this kind over there look at that the price actually that’s much lower, so, let’s say that’s your entry point the price goes down change the SL and you write for further benefits the week before beautiful gap left eye opening 1660 points, so the same as it was today as I said you are not waiting up to the end, you need to exit a big area in the chapel is going on here this is a support, but there is another thing going on I will probably exit around this point, maybe even here, please understand look, if I see this with retracement and accident and I’m banking 9 10 pips or, so five groups yep wait before that was much bigger opening pretty straight forward 40 groups times 40 pips in one more constantly only like three little red handles all the rest, let’s 750, but yeah I would actually enter exit here this point that would be not a profit, if I wasn’t watching the market, if I was watching the market look at the spender it’s a huge bangle it’s a Greek move, so probably I will just watching what’s going on here and boom we are here I’m taking my 40 pips 40 pips profit that’s actually what I did it’s not like what I will do, because I’ve been trading this system for a while I’m just telling you like what I will do now look at the situation, if I didn’t know it, but I actually did and doing before huge God and starting from here all the way up 100 pips 100 pips, but, you need to notice one thing that’s the opening before the price went there it went the opposite direction 20 pips, so, you need to build that enough especially with such a big when there is a such a good job there’s a lot of psychology going on yeah the price is dropping people are not setting it is going it’s going to continue in the direction or not, so then there might be some waves here, but I for sure it’s better to write see what’s going to happen, and then enter the market probably you are working here, if you can goes except one are elevated yes the price is going a little bit up going down testing the laws going up going back doesn’t know what to do you are waiting for the price at this point the price is breaking it and you are training look there is a test price is going up by the way go you’ve got reminded pips 90 pips in right few hours you can go sleep or walk thanks baby why then yeah and I encourage you to check to check other weeks what was going on I can assure you that it’s not nearly every Sunday that it got like that appears sometimes as I said it’s not it’s like a little really little gap there’s nothing to try, so that’s just skip it and bother, but, if you’ve got a situation like that it’s like a short money, go wrong just be careful with the spread because, if the spread is like five pounds and we’ve got half of seven points or ten points, you need to really keep that in mind, so, let’s say like here with the seven pounds, I even bother I just I love Tigers there’s no gap fun by this situation like this one when got 16 points what I would do I will check this place I got the price tag here, so I’m checking this place or even this one like, let’s say yeah I will see that this Oh a 42 the price the opening of the price wash Oh a 28 28 42, so we’ve got like 14 peeps, if the spread is 5 I still got nine cubes, if it’s done that’s I mean I see better cubes that’s up to you, so use your common sense practice, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the strategy, if you use it it’s quite well-known strategy it’s not like anything new I’m just sharing that with you, because I know that a lot of traders new traders, but they’ve got no idea that such a thing occurs every week I know that some people they actually train on only there is no way before Sunday enter and go double extra pocket money away why not you can do that this is like over 90% that you’re going to rewrite training strategy and, if you are lucky with the situation like that there is a Greece and thing on the market you can have 100 cubes there easy money is mine same here with attack market the market wasn’t even think of going back that that’s what it actually happened after this situation here people were like we will not show going up we’re going to close it close it close it knock-knock closing it was risky the closing the same happen doing before I don’t have it here, but we also do the same situation there’s a retracement even bigger 55 and that applies a big up close check the euro a systemized attack over 300 groups and here, so this is the market is the psychology all the way psychology you can see as I said they were not sure they closed it one week another in the same situation people forgot the proof, the market is closing the gap even, if it’s a pity gap the week after, so the week after they are not even tantrum why are you waiting it is easy for this free free money they don’t even wait for this support for this subject we are, so excited they were buying like crazy, so yeah a benefit from it from it go for it check its you don’t trust it the beginning try again I can’t see how it goes good luck with your trading guys subscribe for my videos I will post some more interesting strategies less songs I want to teach you how to trade Forex how to benefit from that following the world as I you and, so have a good day or night.

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