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everybody welcome to profit co-pilot I’m mcleaney and thank you for checking out this article today I’m going to show you how. I get millions of people to read my blog posts and how you can do it too. But first I want you to do something that pause this article go to your desktop on your computer and create a new folder I want you to name that folder profit copilot tips or something else descriptive. Because you’re going to need this later on. Okay, so go do that. Okay, right good. Now today we’re going to talk about content marketing. Because it’s an area that I have had some success with over the years and I’ve had well multiple viral hits. So I thought it’d be cool to share my approach with you today. So you don’t have to deal with writer’s block and. So you can create awesome content that drives lots of traffic to your website so today is all about blog posts and how to generate fresh content ideas that people will love to share. Because I know what it’s like when you waiting around for traffic to show up to your blog or when you’re waiting for inspiration to strike and nothing happens I know how that can make you feel and it can make you feel well really unproductive Akande maybe make you feel like failure and well it’s also really frustrating right so sometimes and I know this it can feel easier to just call it a day. But start blogging well I’m here to show you why you shouldn’t give up and to give you some motivation and new ideas that might help to overcome those periods of doubt which we all have and it is perfectly normal so I’m going to show you how to make brilliant content that draws people to your website. Now you can get some awesome results with this and I’ve been using this kind of stuff this approach to create viral content for a long time. In fact, I’ll show you well a few examples. Okay, before I show you this remember that the niche doesn’t matter. Because you can use this for any kind of blog pretty much in me personally I’ll use this to drive traffic in a few different ways and I’ll show you a couple of examples right. Now and the examples I’m going to show you the most basic kind of blog posts – there’s nothing special about these ones not even any images are being used so there’s no article nothing fancy so I’ll show you the most basic type of blog post and then I’ll give you some ideas to make your own ones a lot more interesting than mine. Okay, so let’s start with this article. Okay, this one which is about Google profiles and how they can be useful to businesses. Now there’s nothing fancy about this article. Okay, nothing particularly groundbreaking about it it’s just a useful piece of content that gives helpful advice and as you can see we’ve got around a million views on this post and hundreds of comments we actually well we have to turn it off the comments on this. Because the amount of moderation was just crazy and it just became too much work. But hey that’s a great problem to have right so as you can see this is a pretty ordinary blog post that anyone can write there’s really nothing special here. Okay, right let’s have a look at another example this blog post is different to the last one. Because this one is about completely different topics. So this is to show you that this stuff can work for almost any niche ok and here again we can see that we’ve got around a million pageviews and almost a thousand comments again we had to turn off the comments for a while well at least until things settle down these results are too shabby right well let me show you how this can even work with highly controversial topics so just look at this one. Okay, this blog post is about conspiracies it’s gained over 2 million views and over a thousand comments and as usual we turn the comments off when it becomes just too much to handle and. In fact, this pulse is less than a hundred words in length so it’s not some piece of epic content that took hours to write it only took me a few minutes to write this so. Now that you’ve seen what’s possible even with run-of-the-mill type host let’s go ahead and see what you need to do in order to create outstanding viral content for your blog and then I’ll show you how to do it I’ll give you some handy shortcuts ok I’m going to give you the seven types of blog posts that you can use to draw in viral traffic and this is also great for when you stuck for ideas I’m looking for something to write about. Because I know lots of people out there want to start blogging. But they feel confused about things and especially when it comes to a whole traffic thing so don’t worry that’s perfectly normal and I know there’s probably a million questions running through your head right. Now that’s ok so let’s knuckle down and see what kind of posts work the best right the first type of post that we’re going to look at is called the reaction post these are really quick and easy to make and they usually do a lot better than the stuff that it takes hours to create what you do is you find a popular infographic or find a popular article on YouTube from an authority figure or an expert in your niche so you’re looking for articles that have lots of pageviews lots of comments very popular articles and infographics that will be of interest to your audience and that are from an expert figure in your niche. So you just embed this content on your blog post and then you react to it it’s so easy to do and the content has already been proven. Because. You know. it’s popular. Because of the number of paid trees right. You know. it’s proven and you already know that the content is good. Because it’s popular. So you just embed the article into your blog post and then react to it it doesn’t have to be a article you can use infographics slideshares audio podcasts and people who own these articles and other embedded content will be very happy to know that you’re sharing their content they specifically allow articles and other embedded content to be shared in this way that’s why the creators allow it to be embedded so use content that has already gone viral it’s a really easy post type and it’s a fast post type and it’s an effective post type you will get lots of traffic from using these types of posts and the creator’s want you to share their content they hacked away encourage you to share it. Because it’s good for them and it’s good for you ok so the next one we’ve got vital stats. Now this is a curated list of stats. Okay, people love stats it gives them confidence and things it gives them reassurance lets them feel educated about something so what you do is curate a bunch of stats around a certain topic pull the stats from a range of sources and lift them on the blog post. Now this is a great type of post to outsource to someone else. Because there’s well a bit of research involved so get them to find all the goods that and pull it together for you. So you can present it in frame it however you like in your unique voice and don’t forget to link to the sources too you see with this type of post you’re likely to pick up a lot of links and a lot of people will want to use your research presenting the information in chats and graphs is also a great way to explore research it makes it easy for people to understand and easy for them to share. Okay, the next one we have the authority interview which is another type of blog post that can draw huge amounts of traffic and you borrow the credibility the celebrity and the authority of people through one of these posts and you might be surprised by who’s willing to do an interview with you so I’ll give you an example a few years ago I read a book which I absolutely loved and I found. It really interesting. Now have nothing to do with marketing. Okay, it was actually about politics and I had questions about the book there were things that I wanted to know more about and I realized but. Because I had questions then probably other people reading the same book might have the same questions as me. So I reached out to the author and asked him if I could interview him on one of my websites and he agreed. Now chances are you’ve never heard of this guy. But you might have heard of one of his books. Because it was actually made into a massive Hollywood movie you’ve probably heard of a movie called the men who stare at goats right it was huge and it had George Clooney in it and it had Ewan McGregor in it too and probably some other big a-list Hollywood stars so the guy who wrote that agreed to do an interview on my blog and we got huge amounts of traffic from that another example I can give you and have you heard of a movie called Fight Club well the guy who wrote that was very open to being interviewed by my website. Now there’s a whole backstory here that I won’t bore you with. But basically I screwed things up and I made a total mess of it. But even through messing things up still got some pretty good results in the long term from this approach. I mean around once a month we have film studio people actually asking us to do interviews with their talent to help promote their movies they send us a ton of free stuff everyone and recently we were invited to interview jean-claude van damme of old people we actually didn’t follow up on that. Because it would have required international travel and the numbers just didn’t work for us. But it’s still nice to be asked right so the interview post type well that can lead to some pretty interesting places. Okay, so the next poster is the expert opinion post and this is another one that you can outsource again you’re borrowing the authority and the credibility of other people. So you go out and you find interesting quotes you can pile them together and list them on the page on the blog post as advice from industry experts. So you take a problem and then you list solutions in the form of expert advice just a sentence or two a short quote from authority figures and you can also turn this into an infographic either way you’re going to get a nice supply of traffic and promotion and the experts you feature might mention it on social media too it’s a great way to get traffic next we have the roundup post so with this one you ask a single question to a small number of people for example you could go out and ask for gardeners what’s the best way to grow two mouths and then you pull all their answers together and turn it into a blog post. Now give you a good example of this with Ike pass on his blog internet market engine he did something similar so look at this and here you can see that he just asked nine experts how they get traffic to the websites simple stuff right simple question. But awesome results Frank. Because everybody gave a different answer and then I think almost everybody has went out and shared this post with the audience it’s very powerful stuff. Now we have the curated post type. So you go out and you curate lots of different content and pull it all into one post. So you might want to find some embedded articles some infographics images and you pull it all into a single post and summarize everything and then of course you link back to the source these are big long posts and most of the content is curated. Now if you’re going to use images make sure that you do have the permission to use them don’t steal the image is even if you’re linking to the source get permission. Okay, next up we have the article skills post so go on YouTube find a very popular article find a viral article in your niche and then take a series of still images from the article and summarize all the steps in the article. Now this works really well for how-to articles or tutorial articles. So you find a very popular article in your niche play the article check it out take a snapshot of the article each stage of the tutorial and then you write about each of those steps each of those stages don’t forget to link to the original article or embed it above or below the written part of the post. Okay, I said bad I’d give you seven types of blog posts to use. But I’m not I’m actually going to give you one more bonus types on coal you’ve got eight types of blog post peas to drive viral traffic to you say. Okay, so. Now for the last one number eight which is the list post these are big posts and they increase your click-through rates they increase your scroll rate they increase the amount of time people spend on the page. Because they’re long lists of high quality engaging content so let’s find out how to make one of these posts. Okay, so you’re going to curate a bunch of great content together into a list on your blog post the content you choose to it has got to be viral though so it’s stuff that you already know is proven to work so how do you find this viral cotton we use a website called both sumo and that will find the viral stuff for us. Now both Singh will does cost money if you want to use it fully. But they do have a free version. So you can get started with that and then upgrade later on if you using it a lot. So you can type in any keyword and then find a list of viral content that’s already working. So you can see what content is being shared on social media. So you want to include a lot of the content you find here and then put it into your list post you use both sumo to track down the most viral stuff and then curate that into your blog post I’ll give you an example here if we type in something like growth Tomatoes you’ll see a list of the best performing stuff with those keywords and this is the stuff that you’ll take and curate into your post so you’re not doing any serious research here you’re not doing anything that requires. You know. a serious amount of time or investigation you’re just looking for what already works and then you’re sharing it you can also search by content type with this too. So if you just want to use infographics or just use articles you can find them easily or you can create a hybrid create a mix of post types on these big lists. So you can throw in reaction posts quote posts you can really mix things up and have a very unique style for each of these list posts. Okay, so there we go. Now remember establish article I asked you to create a new folder on your desktop well you’re going to use that right. Now in addition to this article I’ve also made a special chair that we’ve been using through this article and have made that available to you. So you can keep it and use it as a permanent reminder in case you ever get stuck in the future or in case you forget what you’ve learned here today so beneath this article somewhere underneath you’ll be able to download and keep that handy graphic the one that I made for you you’ll be able to keep it in your new profit copilot folder ok awesome so that’s about it from me for today and if you give each one of these post types a try you might be surprised by the end results you get and of course they can all be outsourced to if that’s the route that you want to take right I hope you found this to be amazingly valuable and if you have then you might want to get more of the articles like this from me by going to profit copilot com forward slash subscribe ok thank you for watching and I’ll see you again very soon you.

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