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hey everybody welcome to profit copilot my name is Mike meanie and this channel is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship and increasingly the best way to do that is to build an authority website and I’m going to talk you through doing that in this article. Now as you probably know I’ve been doing full time blogging since 2004 I’m going to tell you why it is probably in your best interests to consider following me down a similar path through content creation let me tell you blogging is hard. Okay, it takes time it’s difficult and that’s why so few people succeed in it. But when you look back say over the course of two years or whatever when you look back at how far you’ve come you will be able to see why it was worth all that effort so I’ve got like seven seven tips of reasons why you should build an authority website and that starts with building a blog that is the real seed of your authority website so the first reason number one is to gain confidence and when you gain confidence in something you are well on your way to gaining mastery so it’s a process it takes time. But through blogging through content creation you will gain confidence and mastery in your niche and we all know what that means it means more profit more trust more authority in your niche the second reason is. Because you’re gonna meet some awesome people along the way you’re going to build some really amazing relationships not just that end in some kind of financial reward no it’s it’s about much more than that you’re gonna meet some wonderful people along the way you’re going to learn some new stuff that will benefit you for years to come so the third thing I like Sagra is when you commit to blogging or creating content to build an authority website you become disciplined it take discipline you’ve heard me say so many times in my articles that motivation is not the key to this thing it’s discipline and obviously if you have more discipline then your business will grow faster as a result and the fourth thing that I like to talk about is profit so. Because you’re creating content on a regular basis it’s easy to transition yourself from blogger or content creator into product creator. So you just. I mean you’re already doing it right if you create some content on a regular basis you are creating information products you just have to package it in a certain way and add a bit more value to what you would normally do and then you have an information product and these are so profitable if you do it right. But once you get those bits in place product creation is so profitable and. Because you’re creating content on a regular basis it’s just easy to take that step forward then fifth thing is it’s very rewarding. So you get to spend your time creating content on things that you love sharing your passion and your knowledge and that doesn’t feel like work very often obviously it is working you need the discipline. But it feels good. Okay. You know. when I’m creating these little articles and my blog posts I have my products and stuff I know that the information I am sharing and I’m putting out there is going to impact people in some way for the better it’s going to assist them in some way and that’s such a rewarding feeling. You know. it’s more valuable to me than them the money of what of course. You know. we all need to live and all that stuff. But when you are living your life in alignment with your true purpose and that is the things that you love and you feel passionate about then you just feel rewarded and fulfilled. You know. you wake up every day you feel feeling really good and wanting to get started. Because. You know. that it’s gonna be a day filled with fun and passion and hard work you know. But it’s all good and then the sixth thing that I’m gonna talk about is when you do this when you create content on a regular basis you’re creating lifetime assets. Now if you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad then you’ll know all about the value of creating assets and when you create content on a regular basis that’s exactly what you’re doing. Because these pieces of content these valuable assets that you creating are going to reward you over and over again for many years to come when I create a article and I really put my all into it I know that this article although I’m giving it away for free I know that of the course of the lifetime of that article and of my business that article is going to pay for the time that it took to make it. You know. thousands of times over. Because that article is going to bring new leads into my business it’s going to bring new customers in. Because I am demonstrating that. I actually know what I’m talking about I’m not doing this profit copilot thing to try and take money from people I’m actually doing. Because I’m I’ve built a legitimate business outside of the make money online thing creating lifetime assets. You know. valuable stuff and then the seventh thing the seventh thing that I’d like to talk about is that you leave your niche in a better position and about shape than when you found it. So you contribute something so positive to that niche irrespective if people buy from you and that you are doing something very positive in your industry you are contributing something that will have impact on people’s lives that will help them improve the situation even if it’s just a little bit and that in itself. You know. adds to the whole feeling of of this thing being rewarding and that in itself that has more profit to your bottom line so there you go if you’re still on the fence about building an authority website or stand blog and other stuff go through these tips again rewind the article watch this stuff is so important for the longevity of your business if you want to be around in five years time in ten years. So this is the mentality of to get into this is how you have to start thinking about your business. Okay, stop thinking short term start thinking long term you might have to sacrifice short-term gains for long term rewards and that’s the name of the game. Now. Okay, it’s not case of creating a product running around asking a bunch of affiliates to promote it for you and then moving on to the next one that is a dying industry creating authority websites adding real value to people’s lives irrespective if they buy from you is the way for live in your life in alignment with your true passions is the way forward so before. I get ranting about it I’ve got to get off my soapbox and ask you to like this article if you found it useful subscribe to the channel hit phil or notification bell and then you will get another article from me tomorrow and that will help you to get a bit more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship so thanks for watching I’ll see you tomorrow guys.

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