Web Traffic Checklist 9 Things to do After you Publish Content

today is traffic Tuesday so I’m going to give you a checklist that you can use strike more traffic to your website after this welcome back to profit copilot calm my name is Mick Meany and this is all about helping you to get better results online and today is traffic Tuesday so I’m going to give you a checklist that you can use to drive traffic to your website there’s about 8 or 9 key points that I want to cover so let’s get through it so the first point and we will cycle back to this at the very end. So this is a loop ok he’s so the very first thing that you have to do once you have created a piece of content is to send it to your email list and that is. Because email lists have on average a 30 percent open rate. Now compare that to social media which gets just 3% it’s a no-brainer email your list before you post on social media and that 3 percent engagement rate that we can see on social media is dropping thanks to algorithm changes which brings us to the second point share on social media not once. But multiple times across multiple networks you have to schedule a frequency make sure the content is being shared over and over again as part of your schedule I’m not talking about publishing it once and then a few minutes later hitting it again and again I’m talking spread it out over the course of a few days make sure that each piece of your content gets promoted multiple times on multiple platforms and then next we have outreach and I’m not talking about just emailing random people or random websites I’m talking about a very specific and laser targeted approach to outreach so for example you might mention people in your posts you might have the top 10 best tools for example. So you might want to outreach to the people that you’ve mentioned in your posts or the companies that you’ve mentioned and drop them a quick email say how much you enjoy the product or what they contribute to the unity and send them a link to where you feature them in your blog post and it’s important that you don’t ask them for anything in return at this point it’s tempting to say can you share this with your following please. But I would urge you to not do that instead hang back just tell them what you’ve done for them and then let them make up their own mind and that will allow you to establish a good footing a good foundation for a relationship that can be built up upon over time of course only if that company or that person shares the same values as you I would really say don’t just approach people. Because they have a big following instead approach people that share the same values and ethics as you and that way any cross-promotion that does occur you’ll kind of be guaranteed that you have a similar audience so instead of receiving a lot of promotion from somebody with an audience that turns up on your website looks at you and so who’s this guy what’s this guy about I don’t agree with his strategies I don’t agree with his ethics or his values I’m out of here so make sure that your values are aligned and then the next thing that I’d like you to do is community contributions where you’re allowed to so post on forums Facebook groups communities that allow promotion I’m actually going to give you a little guide maybe in the next week or two about using Facebook groups for traffic and we’re going to look at one of my friends he’s got an absolutely amazing lead magnet that I need to tell you about I’m going to create a article all about that and that is specifically for posting on Facebook groups were going to get into that in detail in another article. But make sure that community contributions are a part of your strategy where it’s allowed again don’t go around spamming and I’m sure you wouldn’t do that anyway. But spamming is not the way to go make sure that you only post where you have permission to post and then we have guest blogging so instead of just spamming websites that might accept you have a look at the websites where you can add value have a look at what’s missing and then tailor your pitch to that individual website point out what’s missing make sure you can fill in those gaps and become an asset provide value to that website and that community and then the next thing that I’ve got for you is content syndication. So this is where you republish your content on other websites. So you can approach news websites you can approach blogs one that I found really effective is podcasts and radio shows every day I will send some of my content to radio shows and podcasts and they will talk about my content they will recommend my site as a source. So I received an awful lot of traffic from radio stations and podcasts and then the next one is press releases if applicable so what you got to do is take something that is newsworthy something that’s relevant and then put your spin on it say why this is important to your industry and submit that as a press release avoid the temptation to become promotional or make it as an obvious attempt to drive traffic to your website avoid that temptation instead see it as an opportunity to increase your brand awareness so one tactic could be to take a piece of relevant news spin it into a way that it seems important to your industry and then quote yourself in the article and on that quote put so John Smith from website.com and that’s all you need when it comes to press releases and then the next thing that I’d like you to do is to repurpose you content into other formats this is something that I am doing at the moment and I am seeing pretty good results from it. So you see each of your formats as a column and you typically will have at least three columns in your strategy so the first one could be a blog post then you take that content you turn it into a article and then you take the audio from the article and turn it into a podcast and those are the three main columns of a content marketing strategy you can also throw in other things like click to tweet little quotes and infographics so repurpose your content into other formats and that will give you a much wider reach and then the last thing which ties directly into the first thing. So it is a loop is advertising and retargeting so create a retargeting campaign that hits specifically the people who have already viewed your website they’ve already become aware of your brand in some way we target those and pull them deeper into your sales funnel through your email list. So you might want to advertise you lead magnet at this stage pull them into the email list and then that allows you to send your latest piece of content to them so that’s how the cycle works right I’m going to leave it there for today hope you found this useful if you have hit the like button below subscribe to the channel – and I will see you again tomorrow with another one of these so have a fantastic day and take care see you tomorrow.

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