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today is traffic Tuesday and I’m going to show you how I got almost a thousand visitors per day for free to a brand new website after this hey welcome back to profit copilot calm my name is Mick meanie and this is all about helping you to get better results online so today is traffic Tuesday it’s one of my favorite days of the week. Because. I get to share some awesome traffic strategies with you so today I’m going to give you a really cool and laid back strategy that you can use to drive serious amounts of traffic to your website I have used this to drug almost a thousand visitors per day for free to a brand new website and you can do it too we’re going to give you the strategy you just have to copy me and I’m going to show you the actual results I’m going to show you inside Google Analytics. So you can see how it’s done you can see the results I’ve got and then I’m going to show you step by step how you can do it – so you’re going to get outstanding results when you copy me today. So this is all based around outreach so we’re going to approach bloggers and influencers people who share the same kind of content that we create. But before I show you how to do it let’s have a look at the stats. Now if you’re listening on the podcast I’m going to describe what’s in front of me so we are in Google Analytics so the very first day we have zero traffic the second day again we have zero traffic on the third day we have around 500 visitors to the website from nothing and then on the fourth day we go over 750 visitors and then fifth day it starts to decline and it declines again traffic increases slightly. Because I’m stats will refine the process and then towards the end of the fortnight I tested this strategy we have a big spike – almost 15 hundred visitors and that is. Because I hit the right frequency to make this strategy work so there we have some pretty amazing results considering that this is a brand new website with consistently and predictably got around 700 visitors per day to the website and some days we’ve doubled that so how am I doing this and how can you do it – it’s really easy. Okay, so what happens after you write your blog post you go ahead and you publish it right and then you try and promote it well in this strategy I’m going to ask you that you don’t do that just yet if you’re working on a blog post at the moment hold back from publishing it just for a few days I do have to warn you it has to be a really good post to make this work. So you find influencers and bloggers that have tweeted similar types of content to the one that you have just created and then you send them an email you tell them that you loved the content that they shared don’t be over-the-top about it just tell me that you found it very useful and then tell them that you have something similar coming out in a few days and then you ask them if they would like to see it when it’s published now. Because. You know. they’ve already shared a similar piece of content. You know. that they’re interested in the type of content you are creating so you. Now have a high probability that they will first of all read the email and then secondly get back in touch with you and say. Yeah, send it to me I’ll take a look and it’s important to note that you’re not asking them to promote you you’re not being over-the-top smarmy that’s a real turnoff for influencers and bloggers you’re not being pushy and most importantly you’re being personal so you’re not spamming out a whole load of influencers or bloggers you’ve been very personal and approaching them as an individual and that’s it so when you publish your article you send them the link if it’s a good piece of content then there’s a strong possibility of them promoting it for you. Because they’ve done that in the past with other pieces of content so there you go anyone can use this little strategy to drive serious amounts of traffic to a website and you can do this too it’s really simple it will take you maybe a minute to write out the email send it the potential rewards are enormous right so I’ve given you an actionable strategy that is proven to work so. Now you’ve got nothing left to hold you back and you can absolutely do this when you copy me so I’m going to leave it there for today I hope you found this useful if you have hit the like button below subscribe to the channel – and you’ll get another one of these from me tomorrow so thank you very much for checking this out hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll see you again tomorrow take care.

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