What is financial freedom?

In general terms, financial freedom means that when you go out to eat, when you go shopping at a mall, when you travel, you are free to choose, regardless of price. The relatively scientific explanation is: When your passive income is greater than your active income. Then you have financial freedom. Specifically, passive income is your equity investment, financial investment, copyright, rent, intellectual property, etc. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in obtaining such income. When passive income meets your daily expenses, you are financially free.

How far is financial freedom away from us?

Let me tell you a real story and see how they achieve financial freedom.

Miss North, A network anchor, born in 1990s.

She earns 10,000 dollars a month; she graduated from the school, after that she has become a freelancer for two years. As an online host, no matter whether you are lying at home or walking to the ends of the earth, she can earn broadcasting incomes to support herself.
Her article was written like this: after entering college in 2010, she found that she was especially fond of broadcasting, learning language, learning about post-editing, and learning radio pronunciation. Everything started from scratch.
In 2011, she founded a radio station on the Internet platform and she have no income. At that time, the network anchor was still a rare term, and the radio APP was not born yet.
After graduating from college in 2014, with the experience of four-year network anchors, she came to a music box to host an emotional show, working hard and getting word of mouth better and better. Then, she tried more voices work as part-time job, to play her biggest advantage and make money with her voice. Other people do one day, and she will do two, three, or even more days. At that time, her monthly income is already close to 20,000 dollars.
Starting in July of 14th, she insisted on recording during the day and at the same time attempted to write with the help of material accumulated in the radio show. Every night, she stick to read the books for half an hour and then write.
In January 2015, her first new book, “The world with this rare you there”, went public. In January 2016, her second book, “Meet Every Story with You,” was published. The copyright tax for the two books helped me. She bought a house in the city.

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