Where can I find trading strategies that actually work?

where can I find strategies that actually work this is a really interesting question, because, there are a lot of good strategies out there and, there are good strategies out there that are on free on certain websites, but the problem it is finding the right strategy and the context behind it, so you might better see on a website do X Y and Zed that may or may not work, so the key thing is also not, so much where you find the strategies actually testing it, so we have strategies within our community that are one strategy can be twisted tested over 20 years we have other strategies that have been traded alive for five six seven years have shown a positive result now, let’s say a new student comes to me and I say, you’re looking to be a swing trader, because your unit got a full time job well three of our these are these are our three top performing swing strategies that we tested and trade it over seven eight years as a combined total I still want you to go and test them yourself even though yet, here it is here it is on a play with the results to back it up still go and test it yourself, because then you take an ownership over it that you don’t have, if you simply copy some of somebody else’s, so we teach a specific process we call it back testing, so very simply what you’re doing is you’re accumulating a set of data of previous tests previous setups that have happened in the past and that does two things initially what it does is it gets week we can say it gets your iron, so what you do is you get used to looking for a certain set of criteria, because one of the problems traders have when they start out is they look at a chart with a set of criteria and they’ll see everything else, but the criteria that’s their strategy, so by looking back at chart data for a year two years you get good at seeing pattern in its own right the second thing is you build up a set of data, so for instance I know that 78% of my winning trades go into some form of losing position, so some form of drawdown before they hit target, so straightaway psychologically I’m ahead of the guy that when the trade starts going against him he starts thinking 0 I pick the wrong trade or oh this is the wrong position to be in or should I wait on my stuff I already know that that’s going to happen nearly 80% of time going to see some dick before I hit target, so what you’re doing is you’re building up a set of stats on things like winrate average risk to reward what happens, if you’ve got a risk to reward of one and a half to one versus a risk to reward of two to one well the two to one gives me a greater profitability at the end of 100 trades, but the one and a half to one gives me a better win rate now, if that trader is more concerned about winning it may be that they go for the one and a half to one risk to reward versus the two to one I’ve got quite a thick skin I’ve been doing this in a while I can cope with a week of draw downs I can cope with a month we need a couple of months where, I’m not actually profitable, but I know that over the longer longer term that’s going to work, but that’s because, I’m going for a greater risk to reward on the trades how can I protect my money during unfavorable market condition interesting question and as a trader I don’t tend to do you’re going to go to define unfavorable conditions as the investor, so, let’s say you invested you started investing into the S&P right now the stock market’s been on its second longest run of all time you got in now market conditions change well on average recession, so market downturns last a year then you may have three or four years for the market to recover you don’t know that will definitely happen, so in that scenario investor a lot of time you’ve got to sit it out there’s the trader I don’t really do anything inherently different whether from an economic perspective we’re in the good times you know the economy’s growing everything’s great stock market’s going up we’re in a recession, because I trade both long and short and in fact when there is a recession quite often there’s a little bit more volatility quite often money will come out of stocks and shares and will be moved back into currencies interest rates can go up which means people put their money into specific currency pairs, so actually you see a greater volume in the currency market which means I can actually potentially make more money, so as a trader I don’t really do a lot different and the only thing I will do my thing is I will protect my cash assets by having a certain amount of my cash efforts in percentage of that gold and silver just in case anything was to go wrong with a broker or anything like that, so for me it’s very very specific as a trader just keep doing what you’re doing keep monitoring your results and keep comparing the drawdown periods and the winning periods to see, if anything is starting to look out of the ordinary where can where can I find more trading ideas and I think you’re seeing a lot of trading forums, there are lot of trade online trading forums I think the thing you have to be careful of with the likes of YouTube and trading forums is you don’t what might work for one person might not necessarily work for you, because they’ve not been the interaction in the feedback, so when I’m working with a new student part of the strategy that that student will start with a new trader will start with this based around their circumstances their needs they want their risk levels and sometimes I’ll get that wrong, because they’ll say they’re very they’ve got an appetite for risk, and then they actually get going their appetite for risk is less, so that get that can change, so communities that have a track record behind them communities that have what I call a feedback loop, so I will do my own feedback at the end of the week I’ll look at my own trades and see whether or not I’ve done everything right, if there’s anything I could have done better by having a feedback loop having a mentor coach somebody that can actually say and ask you the right questions is I think an important part of finding or owning a strategy rather than just simply going and saying well this strategy works I’ll trade it, but I work with stretches students that have got their own strategy that they’ve brought in, but, I’m not working with them necessarily on the strategy I’m working with them on their their mindset or their trade management.

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