Why you need to start an online business, TODAY

I don’t think I could run my business while coffee welcome to profit copilot let’s make mean here and Happy New Year so last week Christmas Day I told you about my past so today is all about your future last week I told you about how I ended up at this point where I’m sharing my knowledge and experiences today it’s all about your future your potential future if you want to have it think of it as like a mission this is a call to arms today I’m going to tell you why you need to be content marketing why it’s so important I know that your head is full of knowledge and skills the stuff that is valuable even if you don’t think it is right. Now. You know. stuff other people are desperate to know and you can show them the way forward you can impact the world in such a positive way that it becomes almost impossible for you to not make a living from it if you do it in the right way if you follow the right steps. You know. you can’t just create a bunch of random color content throw it out there and hope it all sticks to a wall just really work like that. But if you have the desire the willingness to teach your skills whatever they may be someone else who wants to learn there’s gonna be thousands and thousands of people who want to know the same thing that you do. But how do you find that thing what’s the one thing that you were you meant to teach that you meant to share well when you’re with your friends or your families and you and maybe not even consciously. But you end up a Kenny directing the conversation that’s the things that you’re supposed to do on this planet that’s your mission that’s your calling that’s your purpose so whatever that thing is where you end up be friends and your family we having a drink you just happen to talk about this thing that’s it that’s how you find it meets the internet digital marketing. Because. You know. think about the technology we have. You know. some people may be hooks who are watching this article have grown up with this technology they’ve never known a life or time without it I’m not like that this kind of came along to me in my late teens and I remember before the internet around the AFT in the internet my life is kind of divided into these two points before and after since the Internet one of the things that absolutely struck me absolutely raw power of the Internet is the free flow of information and the potential to learn and become anything we choose to become we’ve got or inform a all knowledge on earth is accessible to us and we can it take from that and we can contribute to that and that’s why you should become a content creator. Because you can contribute to that and live your life that is full of purpose doing something that means so much do the act where you actually leap out of bed in the morning. Because you can’t wait to start working. Because you love it so much and. Yeah, there’s people who will say there’s no there’s no way to kill a hobby faster than turning it into a business and I think maybe if you are living your true calling following your true purpose creating higher centric content like lifts you up as well as lifts other people up I don’t think it is possible you fall out of love with that stuff I think I’m gonna call it a day actually. Because no it’s New Year’s Day you probably want to get on with other stuff this is just a little bit of inspiration maybe. You know. for you going into 2018 and. Yeah, if you’ve liked this article give it thumbs up that’s my phone it’s probably and he is there that’s it well if you like this article give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel hit the little notification belt and I will see you again tomorrow I’m gonna see it every day I’m gonna give you a new article every day that helps you to get just a little bit more freedom and independence through online entrepreneurship that’s a quite amount may be my task for 2018 could be saying at the end of these articles anyway thank you for watching hope you have a great day hope you have a great year and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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